Cyberpunk 2077: Missed Masterpiece by Rushed Development


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CD Projekt RED’s new title is an immersive, breath-taking open-world RPG set in a darker version of the future, but whether this arguably one of the best looking games of 2020 redeems itself from its delay controversies and numerous post-launch criticisms is yet to be determined.

Warning: the following information contains no major spoilers, but do include things you may like to discover yourself.

Before the game dropped, I had my doubts. However, hearing all the positive sayings about the maker of the renowned Witcher franchise, had me reassure that CD Projekt RED would deliver a fleshed-out, bug-free experience of Cyberpunk 2077 as they promised.

As we all probably know, things didn’t go exactly as planned.

Yes, It’s Chaos. It’s Also Chaotically Fun.

To CD Projekt RED’s credit, the game is actually quite fun, if we ignore all the current issues in the game for a moment and delve into this glittering, spectacularly brilliant city. Early on in the game, I couldn’t help but took notice of the sheer size and depth of the playable area in-game, which is promised to have a lot more verticality, something we don’t often see even in modern AAA titles. Walking on the streets of Night City feels like being in a complex arterial system, or a giant submarine sandwich with multiple layers of meat (I’m terribly sorry with my weird analogy), there is always more of this city to offer on the next floor. The dystopian city’s skyline seems to have been carefully hand-crafted with neon fixtures, enormous advertisement displays, and futuristic megabuildings, collectively developing into something that is a distinct departure from the present real-life world we are familiar with, and all is awe-inspiring.

Have It Your Way.

The game isn’t just about the styles, though. Substance weighs just as much.
For years I have been a loyal fan of the GTA series, and have comfortably positioned my preferred game style as run-and-gun arcady shooter, and this consequently had me worry about not being able to fully appreciate Cyberpunk 2077’s heavily role-play based style of gaming. But apparently my concerns were unfounded. To start with, Cyberpunk 2077’s diverse approach to execute a mission allows for a number of playstyles to take place in a single mission. Lots of them are fairly generous that, if say your technical point just happens to be lower than the required level for a shortcut in a mission, there is likely an alternative passage that can be accessed by body strength. Didn’t spend any of your attribute points on either of them? You can still complete the mission without using shortcuts, and in fact, sometimes it is more fun that way.

Besides the requirements for a mission to successfully complete, everything else in between is pretty much up to you. You can stealth your way in without anyone noticing you, be a skilled netrunner and harness the power of quickhacks to swiftly avoid any confrontation, or just blast your way into the enemy camp. All these approaches can be equally entertaining and rewarding, (provided you have assigned your attribute points properly,) and depending on the mission, the experience is ever-evolving.

The combat in Cyberpunk 2077 is fairly responsive and offers a healthy range of weapons to choose from. Different from weapons we see in 2021, the guns featured in the game bring out cool cyberpunk aesthetics and sturdy gunplay. Power weapons shoot bullets that may ricochet off hard surfaces; Tech weapons can be charged to shoot bullets that penetrate walls; Smart weapons shoot bullets that auto-locks their target.

The Bad.

Unfortunately, the good ends here. What we are all well aware of, is the plethora of bugs and glitches that stained CD Projekt RED’s reputation and made playing Cyberpunk 2077 far from enjoyable.

The Result of Negligence and Rushed Development.

To say I am disappointed in the outcome of this game would be an understatement. What was reassured and promised turned out to be hot garbage, has been the general consensus of some very angry fans across the Internet. And to some degree, I very much feels that way as well. Diving deeper into the game brings me to a number of moments when I thought to myself, “Oh, I can’t do that” because the immersion of the game ends abruptly every now and then when I was prevented from accessing interesting locations or interacting with various NPCs. When you realize that citizens in the Night City aren’t very intelligent, or when you find you that foods in-game actually serves no purpose because you already have a health inhaler for healing, that shinny layer of immersion of the breathing, dystopian city and the massive open world starts to peel off… When I realized that there is actually no real estate you can purchase in the game and no cars you can customize, I wonder whether I shouldn’t be comparing this game to Grant Theft Auto. They are, in fact, completely different games. On the other hand, having used to GTA’s smooth driving experience, dynamic NPC interactions, and their tried-and-true physics simulations, I can safely say that I am pretty spoiled, and Cyberpunk 2077 looks so weak in comparison. When the immersion breaks, and sadly as it often does, this enormous sandbox game suddenly feels like… just a sandbox, and nothing more.

Bugs Are Not Even the Worst.

You see them all on the Internet, cars flinging out from nowhere, NPCs stuck in your car and then proceeds to launch your car into the air, enemies ragdolls onto the ground while still shouting aggressively at you. This game is rushed big time.

While I didn’t run into any game-breaking bug in my nearly 60 hours of playtime, I am fully aware that a lot of these bugs can be quite annoying if happened at an undesirable time and place. In fact, my character looks like a troubled 16-year-old with alcohol issues who recently fell in love with hairstyles in the 80s, all thanks to a bug that occurred during my character creation session which prevented me to see my guy at all.

It’s okay to have some bugs in a newly-released game, but when Cyberpunk 2077 came out like this, you couldn’t help but wonder how the developers are not seeing these? It is infuriating to think that the developers at CD Projekt RED decide to ignore the severe instability with the current state of the game, and ship the game knowing their fans would lose trust in their branding.


評分:3.5 分,滿分為 5。

Cyberpunk 2077 is a game with a technological leap in graphical fidelity, but fundamental gameplay mechanics look bare-bone and half-baked in comparison. CD Projekt RED created a hype machine and took a hell of a ride with it, but in the end struggled to deliver.

  • GAMEPLAY…..7
  • VISUALS…..8
  • POLISH…..6

At the time of writing, many of the bugs mentioned in this article still persist. CD Projekt RED issued a statement promising to roll out several major bug fixes in the coming months, and added contents in the future as well.